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Do you believe in the butterfly effect? in magic? or in synchronicity?

Once upon a time, on a rainy day in Amsterdam I bought a pair of artisanal earrings in a shop that was closing down. That one decision triggered a series of perfectly timed events that culminated in a reconnection with a friend I have not seen for several years. And over a delicious cup of raw cacao, our conversation sparked an idea in my heart.

Sharing my passion for health and wellbeing with the world. Creating products that nourish you and your body at multiple levels. Reminding you to accept and love your body and your Self just as you are.

I am Irina ~ passionate about holistic health and living, adventuring on an inner journey to unravel the mysteries of life...

How can we live more healthily, more balanced, more at peace? In harmony with ourselves and all creation. In love and compassion.


My intention is to live this human life with utmost care and respect for all sentient beings, with gratitude for the abundance of healing medicine Mother Earth offers us and bring this multidimensional magic to you ~ to help harmonize your health and wellbeing so that you can enjoy your experience here fully.


Have been exploring the world of plants and mushrooms and alchemizing them into energized health and beauty products that heal, activate and elevate your being at all levels.

Open to collaborations, product customizations, exploring fresh ideas together... feel free to connect with me via the contact details on this website.

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