We organize educational, fun and tasty workshops and presentations ~ to further spread the knowledge about the magic of plants, mushrooms, essential oils and healing foods. Below some photos from previous events.

Currently we offer the following two options:

Presentation "The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms" (45 min/ 90 min):

  • Introduction into the fungi kingdom, their biology, healing properties and health applications. Different            ways to use them for our health on a daily basis (cooking, making tea, making powder, making tincture)

  • Sampling of 5 medicinal mushrooms in powder and tincture (reishi, chaga, lion's mane, cordyceps,                       shiitake), also a 9-mushrooms & carob hot drink: sharing a description and health properties of each.

Workshop "The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms" (4-5 hours):

  • Well-being class (eg. yoga, Thai massage)

  • 3-course mushroom meal incl. different varieties of mushrooms and explanation of health properties

  • Presentation (as above)

  • Healthy gift to take home


Prices depend on the number of participants, chosen activity and dietary requirements.

The format for both the presentation and workshop is flexible and can be adjusted as per the needs of the participants. To discuss further details please contact me at care@ilovemybody.nl

Next event is on Oct 15, details here https://www.facebook.com/events/630885065236229 

Past Events

"The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms" private workshops (Costa Blanca/Spain 2022)