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The "ilovemybody" is created with so much thought and intention! 

I love the message it carries, that it is encoded and also the combination of ingredients and essential oils. The cream feels very fluffy and soft on the skin. I like using it especially now with the cold temperatures and my skin feels fully nourished after I apply it. 

The smell is really nice too and you can choose between a few different ones! I love supporting projects like this, with so much intention and pure ingredients 

~ Jessi Kompalla ~

Amazing products, each them made with much care and love. You can feel the healing and nourishing effect of the creams, best stuff! And I don't go for less than the best...

~ Albert Sola Renart ~

Wow, just wow! I got 3 of these amazing creams and all I can say I'm absolutely mind blown. The quality is amazing, the smell is divine, and it feels soooo good on the skin!!! 100% recommend this product , this will be one of the best gifts you can make to your body. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful product to the world.

~ Vera Ilisoi ~

I tried ilovemybody radiant body cream once, now my body, my senses and my soul ask for it again and again. My skin get nourished, soft, beautiful and radiant and mee too!!

I apply on the body and on the face, it's useful also during the cold season where we need sweet protection.

Veeery goood cream, looking forward to try other ones. Thank you Irina!

~ Marti Ri ~

I love my body- yeees! and I deserve the best products for my body! I think I have found the one!

It really feels like applaying something divine. Love the shine on my skin, the fragnance. It is 100% natural, knowing that this cream has been treated (created) with care and love before I got it, makes me feel special. It is a treat for the skin, for the nose and for the eyes. Thank you!

~ Santa Simule ~

I have been loving my sacred cream. It has such a nice warm earthy smell. I like to apply it to my hands every nights before bed, especially during these cold winter months. I especially love that the ingredients are so pure, and I know exactly what I am putting on my body.

~ Hana Ilg ~


I love these creams! Makes my skin so soft and nourished during the winter months – it's like applying on a little bit of sunshine. The best thing is, the ingredients are all natural, no harmful chemicals here!

You can tell they are made with love. 

~ Titta Pennanen ~


We really love the sensual massage cream. Is very special.

And the aura cleaning! Definetly I want one!

~ Marina de Haro ~


I have been using the ilovemybody ‘Radiant’ body cream for the last 3 months and it has made dry winter skin a distant memory!! It feels luxurious for a long time, the fragrance is just right, and gets absorbed by the skin very well. And a little bit of cream goes a long way!! I am truly loving my ‘Radiant’ body and loving the cream. Thank you 

~ Punya Akkiraju ~

I received this cream as a gift from my daughter. I really feel it is made from natural ingredients. The smell is neutral. My skin is more soft, nurtured and relaxed. I used it for my bruises as well, it healed very fast. 

Applying cream on harder tissues it softens it all beautifully, even some of my scars absorbe it very well, what pleases me very well. 

This cream is magical. I can't even compare it with creams I have bought in pharmacies or any other so called good quality, brand,  expensive creams. This cream is a healer. I am so grateful

~ Gita Simule ~

I absolutely love this beautiful self soothing and high vibrational Balanced Oil Blend from ilovemybody. It helps me to calm down and to feel a whole lot better.

Thanks for the magic you do and you are Irina!

~ Emma Aatamila ~

I have tried body cream which was great and also essential oils blend- so relaxing and nice:-)

~ Petra Bendikova ~

Great product, made with love by this beautiful woman! It even solved my grandmothers skin problem. Amazing!

~ Eva Ida ~

I can recommend these natural creams from ilovemybody. They smell wonderful and the texture is fine and wonderfully nourishing.

~ Floor Grippeling ~

Shivers of bliss run through my face when I use this cream!

~ Manuel Orellana ~

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